Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Strong Defensive Stance in Basketball

Allen W. Warren, president and founder of New Faze Development, a real estate development firm in Sacramento, California, has built a highly active personal life. An enthusiastic hiker and camper, Allen W. Warren also enjoys playing basketball.

A strong defense plays a key role in a basketball team's success, and each player's stance is essential in the overall effectiveness of team defense. A good defensive stance allows each player to respond to the offensive player's actions, both from a locomotion standpoint and in terms of keeping the upper body available.

This kind of stability requires the player to bend the knees and keep the center of gravity close to the ground. Feet should be pointed forward and slightly farther apart than the width of the knees. Weight should be on the balls of the feet and the body should be low enough that the player can touch the ground with the fingers if necessary.

Such a balance enables the athlete to change direction and move more quickly as compared to a straight-kneed posture. The player can further increase defensive speed by sliding the feet laterally rather than employing crossing footwork.

Meanwhile, the upper body features a flat back from shoulders to hips. Chest should be up and the torso leans slightly forward, provided that the weight remains balanced. The arms should be above the waist and available, preferably with palms facing up. This gives the hands as much command over the ball as the feet have over the moving body, creating a completely ready defensive posture.